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About Harmony

The Harmony Story

Rod Berger, BAPPSC (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Dip App.Sc (naturopathy), is a herbalist and naturopath who founded Zen Therapeutics in 1990, Queensland Australia. Rod had spent many years studying in China and grew a passion and dedication towards eastern medicine practice. He had many customers in Queensland who were suffering the symptoms of menopause, with no relief from the majority of single herb products on the market and were hesitant to commit to Hormone Replacement Therapy. It was through Rod’s need to find a solution for these women that Harmony Menopause was created. His customers were having positive results from the formula, so Rod decided he wanted to make this formulation available to all Australian women. Rod’s desire to create the formulation represented integrity; his formulation was and has continued to prove to be innovative, and the brand Harmony® will always meet the highest quality standards. It is the integrity, quality and innovation of the Harmony® story that drew Martin and Pleasance to it. Harmony now has a range of women’s health products and will continuously grow in order to provide a solution to all women’s health needs.

In 2008 Martin and Pleasance built an office in Canada where Harmony could be sold to the Canadian public. Because of Harmony’s great quality and the strength in testimonials it has flourished to become one of the best women’s health brands on the market.

Rod Berger is still heavily involved in Harmony®, helping formulate all new developments and helping answer customer enquiries when need be.