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The emotional rollercoaster

Hell, known in polite society as an ’emotional rollercoaster’. Forget PMS: this is a new league of hormonal histrionics.   The science bit  Experts have long known there’s a strong connection between hormones and chemicals in the brain, and the incredible surge of hormones that occurs during pregnancy can have a dramatic effect — not least on your levels of serotonin, a major mood-affecting chemical. But psychologist/professor Harriet Gross says there’s no point in cursing them, because you need these hormones to keep your pregnancy going. There’s human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), which floods your system to keep your embryo firmly implanted in the uterus — but known side effects include nausea and tiredness. Then there’s progesterone and oestrogen, both of which are vital — however,...

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Nutrition for Women

EATING RIGHT TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST Nutrition tips to ease the symptoms of PMS Bloating, cramping, and fatigue experienced the week or so before your period are often due to fluctuating hormones. Diet can play an important role in alleviating these and other symptoms of PMS.   Avoid trans fats, refined sugar, and salt. Sugar worsens mood swings and salt worsens water retention and bloating.   Cut out caffeine and alcohol. Both are known to worsen PMS symptoms, so avoid them during this time in your cycle.   Limit red meat and egg yolks as they can cause inflammation. You may want to try sticking to vegetable proteins like soy and nuts, to see if it helps with your symptoms.   Try cutting out dairy. Many women find...

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Do hormones determine your personality?

Did you know that your personality is defined by which type of hormone is dominating your body?   According to anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, people think, feel, behave and love differently, depending on if they are influenced by dopamine, serotonin, testosterone or oestrogen. You will also be drawn to people whose personality is mainly influenced by a complementary hormone.   So how can you find out which type you are? Dr Fisher explains the four types in her book Why Him? Why Her? in which you can also do a test to find your match.   Dopamine makes a person willing to take risks, constantly seeking novelty and new experiences. The “explorers” are adventurous, optimistic, curious, energetic and creative.   Serotonin on the other hand makes people calm,...

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